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XeraBond Kiln Furniture Product Details

XeraBond - KF (Kiln Furniture) Product Details

Sialon-bonded silicon carbide ceramics for Kilns

XeraBond – KF is a sialon bonded silicon carbide manufactured from high purity raw materials for a product and has exceptional properties and performance.

Our XeraBond - KF is a unique patented formulation, which is at least 20% stronger and 20% more wear resistant than the conventional silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide refractories.

It has a high density and is homogeneous throughout. The development of the bonding phase during the firing cycle results in a very fine pore size and a narrow pore size distribution. These impart very high strengths and excellent thermal properties. The hardness and chemical stability of the product gives excellent resistance to wear, corrosion and extreme service conditions.

Typical Applications

XeraBond – KF has a reliable and long service life for the fast firing of porcelain, bone china and other pottery products. It has an excellent strength to weight ratio for kiln furniture applications and, as a result, the amount of ware being fired can be greatly increased and, in some cases doubled. This in turn improves the thermal efficiency by up to 50%, thus reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint.

XeraBond – KF can be made into a wide range of shapes and sizes, including batts, beams, supports and many other complex shapes. It is also suited to extreme atmospheres and abrasive conditions e.g. chutes, pipe linings, burners, cyclone and hydro-cyclones liners and parts and for lining incinerators.

Other applications include engineering applications, severe acid or alkaline atmospheres, contact with molten non-ferrous metals and thermocouple sheaths.

XeraBond – KF is versatile in manufacture and can be made to new innovative and bespoke designs.

Typical Properties

The table below gives the typical properties of our XeraBond - KF products.

Chemical Analysis:
SiC 68%
Sialon 30%
Other 2%
Physical Data:
Bulk Density 2.8 g/cm³
Total Porosity 10-12%
MOR at 20°C 160 MPa
MOR at 1400°C 180 MPa
MOE at 20°C 260 GPa
Thermal Expansion 4.5 x 10-6 K
Thermal Conductivity at 1000°C 20 W/mK
Oxidation Resistance at 900°C (2nd Firing) 0.1% wt gain
Max Operating Temperature 1550°C
(The maximum operating temperature is atmosphere dependent). All data quoted are determined following BS EN Standard Test Methods

Warning: XeraBond – KF may absorb water from rain, condensation etc which may cause ceramic parts to explode during rapid heat up in a kiln. It is important, if any components have been in contact with moisture, they are thoroughly dried before use.

Working in Partnership

Materials and Engineering Research Institute
Sheffield Hallam University
Therser UK
Finance Yorkshire

We are continuing our research and development into other Industrial and technical environments, and are constantly seeking to meet new challenges.

XeraCarb materials are currently being evaluated for use as personal body armour with the research sponsored by the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

This material offers significant advantages over existing armour in terms of the cost, shape and size of components which are possible and in terms of the total system weight.

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