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XeraBond Armour Product Details

XeraBond - AP (Armour Protection) Product Details

Sialon-bonded silicon carbide ceramic plates

Thanks to the work funded by the MoD and The Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers – XeraCarb's materials are also gaining recognition for the production of personal body armour. This is due to the excellent ballistic properties as well as reducing the overall weight of the armour.

XeraCarb ceramic materials are suitable for use in hard plate armour solutions for protection against some of the most aggressive armour piercing threats. XeraCarb are able to offer ceramic hard plates to meet the customer specifications and to defeat high ballistic threats.

Armour Products in the Lab

Ballistic Testing

XeraBond AP and AP2 has been subject to a number of ballistic performance trials in which they have been tested alongside other commercial ceramic armour materials.

V50 Testing (AP threat)

V50 testing is used to estimate the velocity at which 50% of projectiles penetrate the target and 50% are stopped. It is normally carried out on a system where the ceramic is backed by a material such as an aramid fibre or a monolithic polymer. When comparing different ceramics they should be compared at the same areal density, which will vary with the ceramic density and backing thickness.

V50 Results for XeraBond – AP

In tests against an armour piercing threat (30.06 AP M2, NIJ Level IV) a 10mm plate of XeraBond AP backed with an aramid material achieved a V50 of 960ms-1 which is a 20% improvement over commonly used 8mm 95% Al2O3 at the same areal density, in which V50 was less than 797ms-1.

XeraCarb are able to offer: -

XeraCarb are able to offer ceramic hard plate at any thickness and shape to meet the design specification. We are able to offer consultancy, development and manufacturing of our products to suit your ceramic needs. Take a look at our ceramic product services >

Working in Partnership

Materials and Engineering Research Institute
Sheffield Hallam University
Therser UK
Finance Yorkshire
Development of our Ceramic Products

We are continuing our research and development into other Industrial and technical environments, and are constantly seeking to meet new challenges.

XeraCarb materials are currently being evaluated for use as personal body armour with the research sponsored by the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

This material offers significant advantages over existing armour in terms of the cost, shape and size of components which are possible and in terms of the total system weight.

Read more about the development of our ceramic products and the advantages it can bring >>

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