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Ceramic Armour Plates

Advantages of using XeraBond AP and AP2 (Armour Protection)

Sialon-bonded silicon carbide Armour Applications

XeraBond AP and AP2 – has significant advantages in terms of price versus performance over traditional materials used for the manufacture of armour such as alumina and sintered silicon carbide (SSiC).

Our product is lighter than both SSiC and alumina, it has a better ballistic performance than alumina and a similar performance to SSiC systems. In addition we are able to manufacture complex shapes and large components whilst still being able to offer value for money.

We are able to offer: -

Our Materials

XeraBond AP and AP2 combines the properties of a number of different ceramic systems to produce a material with low density, high hardness and strength and good reliability which can be used to form complex shapes in a cost effective manufacturing process.

The key attributes are:

  • Silicon Carbide (SiC) - provides hardness and strength
  • Additives - allow lower temperature processing, gives strength and toughness
  • Raw material selection - provides ability to form complex shapes, hardness and toughness
  • Density 2.8 g/cm³ - lighter armour systems possible (SiC ~ 3.1 g/cm³, Al2O3 ~ 3.9 g/cm³)
  • Low E-modulus - allows impedance matching with metals for vehicle systems etc.
  • High Weibull Modulus - gives consistent results and good reliability

Performance/Cost vs other Armour Materials

XeraBond AP - Cost vs. Performance

Results - Summary

XeraCarb armour materials represent a break through in armour performance. They occupy a position in the Performance/Cost space for hard armour plate that has not previously been possible using more conventional materials.

Performance is a combination of the ability to stop armour piercing rounds, the weight and thickness of ceramic required to do so, the multi-hit capability and the ability to form large and complex curved parts.

When all these are considered XeraCarb hard armour plates offer a unique combination of performance and cost, alongside UK manufacturing capability and the ability for customers to specify new shapes and designs.

Working in Partnership

Materials and Engineering Research Institute
Sheffield Hallam University
Therser UK
Finance Yorkshire
Development of our Ceramic Products

We are continuing our research and development into other Industrial and technical environments, and are constantly seeking to meet new challenges.

XeraCarb materials are currently being evaluated for use as personal body armour with the research sponsored by the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

This material offers significant advantages over existing armour in terms of the cost, shape and size of components which are possible and in terms of the total system weight.

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