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Our Facilites - Silicon Carbide Technology

Our Facilities

Silicon Carbide Technologies

XeraCarb have been operating from Darton, South Yorkshire since 2013 where the sialon bonded silicon carbide technology has been developed into a manufacturing facility.

As a result of the innovative process and technologies employed in the production of our materials we have invested in state of the art manufacturing facilities. This investment ensures that XeraCarb is equipped to support its clients and growing market, whilst retaining a ‘can do’ approach to the most demanding of requests.

The facility is equipped to produce silicon carbide products including kiln furniture and body armour hard plates.

Silicon Carbide Products

Manufacturing Process of our ceramic products

The manufacturing process is a typical wet-ceramic process involving ball milling, slip casting and sintering. These processes provide the capability for near-net casting through uniquely formulated aqueous-slurry. Read more about our ceramic products and services available >

Our Applications of sialon bonded silicon carbide:-

To learn more about our Silicon Carbide Composite products, visit the Technologies page.

Working in Partnership

Materials and Engineering Research Institute
Sheffield Hallam University
Therser UK
Finance Yorkshire
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