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High Performance Silicon Carbide Composite Ceramics

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Technically Engineered Ceramics

XeraCarb manufactures high performance ceramics for armour protection systems, kiln furniture and other demanding technical engineering applications.

XeraCarb was founded to exploit the potential of our proprietary silicon carbide composite ceramics. This material, developed in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University, is already being manufactured into industry leading products.

Typical products include body armour protection plates, military vehicle armour protection, kiln furniture (tableware & sanitaryware) plus a range of technical engineering applications.

Silicon Carbide Composite Ceramics

Combining both traditional and innovative manufacturing processes in conjunction with a unique material composition, XeraCarb products exhibit excellent strength at room and elevated temperatures along with excellent wear resistance and a reduction in mass when compared to other traditional refractory products.

XeraCarb materials are also being developed for use in hard plate armour solutions suitable for protection against some of the most aggressive armour piercing threats.

We have received two rounds of significant funding from Finance Yorkshire and seven independent investors. XeraCarb has production facilities at Darton in South Yorkshire and is producing products to facilitate the kiln furniture markets. We are also investigating where our products may be used in other technical industry applications.

Working in Partnership

Materials and Engineering Research Institute
Sheffield Hallam University
Therser UK
Finance Yorkshire
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